Venus Event Schedule

The best challenges schedule {Days}

Every Week Start New Event The Best
Monday-{Best INT} Time :08:00PM GMT //10:00PM Cairo Time
Tuesday-{Best STR} Time :08:00PM GMT //10:00PM Cairo Time
Wednesday-{Best CH} Time :08:00PM GM//10:00PM Cairo Time
Thursday-{Best EU} Time :08:00PM GMT //10:00PM Cairo Time
The Best STR - The Best INT - The Best CH - The Best INT
Rewards:{At Start 300 Venus Coin And Every Week Still Winner +100 Max {1K VC} {Tittle Best}
Game To All Players



Hotan Fortress every 1 week sunday at 8:00 pm 
Reward is 100 Immortal D14 and 5000 VC For Guild Winner


CTF Event start every 2 hour
CTF IP limit 1
QUEST 1 Kill 25 Players  Reward Box Random small
QUEST 2 Kill 45 Players  Reward Box Random Medium
QUEST 3 Kill 75 Players  Reward Box Random large


innocentCritical Event Random Time Have More Fun 100 VC Reward
Game To All Players



Rules Event Job
Limit 3 Trades Per Char Every 6 Hours.
No Farm In job (It's For Fun).
Event Rewards (Monthly)
1st Trader :600 Venus Coins + Tittle Best Trader
1st Thief :600 Venus Coins + Tittle Best Thief
1st Hunter :600 Venus Coins + Tittle Best Hunter

Rules Event Uniques
Event Weakly/Monthly
Rewards (Weekly/Monthly)
Weekly :
1st Unique Killer : 400 Venus Coins.
Monthly :
(Calculates the total points of the month)
1st Uniques Killer : 100 Donate Coins + Tittle Best Uniques Killer.
Game To All Players